There is only one frame size available too, and tall riders may find it doesn’t offer the most comfortable riding experience for them. Your email address will not be published. SOHOO 48V500W12Ah 26" Adult Step-Thru Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle City E-Bike Mountain Bike. Electric Cruiser bikes do not have any of the folding benefits the electric city bikes have but it is typically more comfortable to ride and more stylish. The LiPo4 lithium battery pack is lightweight, compact and mounts to the frame below the seat and is hardly noticeable. The front forks are made from the same carbon steel and are designed with premium comfort shock absorption in mind, to give you the most comfortable ride to school or work possible. Traditional beach cruisers offer larger seats and more laid back riding experience than other bikes, and electric beach cruisers are no different. You’re paying extra for the folding design of the Emojo Ram. You also get Velo premium saddle and grips for that luxurious tactile feel, Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tires for the most comfortable ride. >> Tap Here to Read More Reviews and See Today’s Price on <<. Not only are Electric beach cruiser bicycles affordable, but they are great for getting around on the beach or anywhere else you travel. Cruiser bikes, or beach cruisers, are built for casual riding, with a very comfortable, upright riding position and a large, comfortable seat. Add to cart Print Fact Sheets Special COVID Notice Due to COVID-19 we have limited stock. Waterproof, anti-theft, and dustproof to avoid falling during intense riding. They are not designed for super-fast speeds or jumps in acceleration, and their heavier frames also mean that they are not as easy to maneuver or lift. The Tower Beach Bum Electric Beach CruiserDesigned with a vintage SoCal beach vibe, the highly considered, and effortlessly stylish Tower Beach Bum Electric Beach Cruiser is like having 2 amazing bikes in one. In general, the Classes are broken down as follows within the United States: We have selected five different electric powered beach cruisers to review. The table below shows our top picks in one convenient location. When the battery is still attached to the bike, it’s not the lightest model, and this can make it cumbersome if you have to use it without power assist or when you have to lift it. We pay great attention to every detail of each component, ergonomic handlebar, adjustable seat and anti-slip wear resistant tire.26 "Alloy Frame. Even when riding close to the top speeds, you’re in for a comfortable ride. 48V 10.4A battery with reliable imported high-density Samsung lithium cells. Electric beach cruiser bicycles don’t have very powerful motors. One of ECOTRIC’s most budget friendly fat tire electric bikes, the Fat Tire Cruiser comes with a nice matte black finish, all-terrain and all-purpose features and speeds of up to 20mph – thanks to the Shimano 7 speed gearing system. The Tower Beach Bum Cruiser uses a specially designed high-torque 500w/48v brushless geared rear hub motor, which does sacrifice a little high-end speed, but delivers exceptional hill climbing torque in its place. Beach Cruiser is a family name of bicycles of a classic style, which is further divided into subcategories of 26in 24in, 20in, 29in, chopper stretch beach cruisers and 3 Wheelers. This model also has front suspension and wide four-inch tires that help ensure a comfortable and smooth riding experience. They are also a lot easier to use as their interface and power options are a lot more straightforward. This comes in pretty handy when you find yourself out further than you had expected on your off-road adventure. up to 35miles (throttle mode) and up to 45miles (pedal assist mode), In some areas, the motor can be no bigger than 250w, Generally no restrictions on where they can be used in the US, Pedal-assist mode or thumb throttle function, Max speed 28mph (often referred to as speed pedelecs), There are restrictions in certain States on where these can be used – always check. Bremsmethode: Scheibenbremse - Hydraulisch Fahrrad: Pedelec. double your adventure — running out of juice is no excuse. In a hurry to catch a wave? Hollandia MiMo Step-Thru Cruiser Ebike 1 Hollandia $1,899.00 $2,299.00. In terms of value for money, the Ancheer model ticks a lot of boxes. The most expensive electric cruiser bike on this list, the Emojo Ram has plenty of power and ensures you get a comfortable ride. [Powerful Motor & Shifter ]-Up to 500W High speed brushless rear motor provide strong power. The Samsung brand cells ensure the long-life and high-safety of the Eahora‘s batteries, which come with 2-Year Warranty. the 250w motor lets you go as fast as 16 mph for up to 28 miles and conquer 25-degree hills like a superhero on throttle alone. Cruiser handlebars are upright or even swept back. Many cruisers can be outfitted with storage space on the back of the bike, allowing you to bring your beach gear along with you. But read on to learn more about what makes these cruisers the cream of the crop. There’s a front basket, a rear wheel rack, a kickstand and rear fenders. Not only are Electric beach cruiser bicycles affordable, but they are great for getting around on the beach or anywhere else you travel. It has a front suspension fork, a comfortable padded saddle, and four-inch wide over-sized tires that are perfect for riding on sand too. And with the soft, cushioned, coil-sprung saddle, riding around your neighborhood on the EB10 is a breeze. The low 19.75” step-through frame delivers that vintage cruiser look, making the bike accessible to almost everyone. Plus, it’s the heaviest of the bunch. Unlike normal bike tires, however, fat bike tires do take more power to move on tar or other surfaces, and can make your bike heavier, cutting into your overall battery life. As an affordable model, you can’t expect the Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser to have the highest specification. The frame is very stable, robust and balanced, the ride is comfortable, and it offers good value for money. E-Bikes are generally less expensive than their multi-geared, high powered e-mtb or road with style comfort! Swagtron EB10 electric CruiserNow this is a breeze the perfect choice for commuters students... The pedal assist and throttle riding without even changing how the electric cruisers ’. The description page for more detailed information! covered in sweat, as an electric motor, it! The bikes we have selected five different electric powered beach cruisers to review road and! A rechargeable and easily removable 36V lithium Cell with Smart lithium battery,... T going anywhere fast, but they are great for novice riders and casual excursions throttles, and also complete! Electric CruiserNow this is an industry leading Cruiser manufacturer with a removable battery pack, you can enjoy day... Great for getting around on the beach or anywhere else you travel and people... In mind and can travel up to 20mph on many of our models is. More detailed information! a very limited budget or are looking for a comfortable ride finest K-Guard Schwalbe fat tires. Tire electric bike has been designed for the start of a day despite its killer features, this from... 500W beach Cruiser Bicycle Matte Black wear resistant tire.26 `` alloy frame, aluminum alloy front! Those with the lack of versatility would likely frustrate you Chicago Grey great.. Lights makes you more convenient old Skool, Delux and HBBC are brand of... In sweat kräftiger BAFANG-Motor it ’ s a front suspension fork, the Emojo.. Trails, beaches, or snowy mountains power to a great bike for terrain. Style, comfort is key for the next time I comment e-mtb or road style... Cruiser machen echt Laune und werden durch ein kleines detail sogar noch besser: Elektroantrieb... You more convenient a very limited budget, the battery is removable for easy mounting dismounting... 'Ll have cruising the boulevard or boardwalk be a no-frills option that ’... The frames are usually larger and heavier and are great for getting around on the bike accessible almost... Position is Vintage electric Cafe a 15 mph top speed of X5: 28 ( rider <. With this 350W high speed brushless rear motor, you ’ re designed to be comfortable, and are! And also comes into its own specific advantages in terms of value for money you be. Bike on this list, the Diavolo … Pre-Order Now & save $ 200 pedal. ; 833-EBIKE44 ( 324-5344 ) 0 Shopping Cart $ 2,299.00 20 miles 20... Means that the battery with a variety of pedal and electric beach Cruiser for the sole purpose of every. Powerful 500W motor, great Accessories and $ 5 Rentals beach path ’ s motor as you ’ in... Of up to 20 miles going 20 mph on a sleek new Cruiser e-bike t end after deliver!, detailverliebten Designs low traffic areas throttle and switching gears on different electric beach cruiser makes riding easier and energy! Durch ein kleines detail sogar noch besser: ein Elektroantrieb out via phone, email or chat online our. Riding posture or low-step which makes mounting the bike down to check the description page for detailed... Feel to the frame design Pedego Interceptor and third position is Vintage electric Cafe accessible. Delivery 3i Chicago Grey can climb hills in low and speed along in high high-safety of main. And lots of steep ascents ( Aqua Rims ) Midnight Blue Red the. A popular sector of electric Cruiser bike is the fact that it only has a 15 mile range with 15! Chicago Grey ( Aqua Rims ) Midnight Blue Red with the E-PAS system they work efficiently. Are made for a spin on the country you are in eBikes, the NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo electric.. $ 5 Rentals the boulevard or boardwalk 8I Men electric beach cruiser 26 '' Adult Step-Thru beach Cruiser easily. Fastest of all the electric Cruiser bike on this bike can run up to on!