You probably won’t be able to carry your SUP like a surfboard unless you have gorilla arms. When you’re ready, one foot at time, begin to stand up. Essentials for the Ultimate SUP Adventure. The biggest reason is that the boards are mass manufactured, affordable, and can be found at Costco. The longer the stroke, the less effort it will be on your arms. All too often we see beginners out there with short strokes getting tired and frustrated very quickly. Signing up for the email list is a quick and simple way to get hold of valuable Costco … That being said, if you are looking to paddle around in the ocean, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this board. You’re paddling, not trying to mop up the ocean. Time will tell for that though. Dimensions of paddle board: 11′ 2″ x 32.5″ x 4.6″ The Jimmy Styks 208 Hybrid Stand-Up Paddle Board is priced at $699.99. Some higher end SUPs come with handles that make this a bit easier, though the Wavestorm obviously doesn’t provide that luxury. We just wanted to give you the option in case they are out as well (especially in the winter time). So let go deeper and I will tell you about my experience so that it might help you out in making a decision. Now obviously it will have normal wear, but you shouldn’t find it cracking or splitting. Bestway. Enjoy low prices on name-brand Surf & Paddle Boards products. The paddle is adjustable to a lot of lengths. Costco Wavestorm Details: The board they sell at my local Costco is a 9’6″ that is rated for 250lbs and comes with the board, adjustable paddle, leash, and board bag. If you feel that the deck is a little slippery when you first take it out, just try and rub some sand on it to give yourself a bit of grip. It’s very easy to adjust and takes only seconds to find the proper length. I believe I paid $350.00 at my costco. If you are anything like me, you would venture into Costco and have seen that in the spring time they offer a Wavestorm paddle board package. We have all kind of blogs and reviews on more performance oriented board in the reviews section. In the end, I can’t leave out the performance for those that won’t take into account that the price makes up for everything. If you have any addition thoughts or questions, please post them below and I’d be happy to answer them or listen to your story. Affordability and accessibility is key here. I grabbed his board and headed to our local lake to give it a shot. The Ultimate Guide To Paddle Boards And Gear. All in all, Costco sells 8 paddleboards. Now while it won’t be as stiff as a fiberglass SUP, you can still ride it with peace of mind that it won’t snap. The paddle that comes with this board is pretty solid. It is a way for everybody to be outside and spend time together," adds Frank Finn Jr., national sales manager for SUP ATX. Seattle Sports Sea Rover Deck Compass Kayak Paddleboard … « Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding A Good Workout? As always with low-cost stores and chains of stores, there is an excellent reason to question how good these boards really are. 3 out of 5 stars with 1 reviews. Let’s bring Wavestorm’s Paddle Board out of obscurity. The high-density foam will help to lessen the amount of damage that your board takes in comparison to a fiberglass board. Use whatever hand on top that feels most natural to you. Product Title Famistar 12' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP w/ 3 Fins, Adjustable Paddle, Pump & Carrying Backpack Average Rating: ( 4.1 ) out of 5 stars 37 ratings , based on 37 reviews Current … If you are thinking that maybe you want a surfboard instead of a paddle board then this brand also have your covered with their Wavestorm Surfboard. Whenever you want to turn a specific direction, place your paddle on the opposite side of the direction you want to go. Extend your paddle in front of you and stick it deep into the water. Even if you haven’t seen one, you’ve probably heard of them. The storage strap is a feature that we really love and we feel like this separates this board from other cheap ones on the market. This is a little on the sluggish side in regards to turning on a dime. Slightly bend those knees (not too much!) No color options that I know of. 22 June. In terms of the internal durability, it comes complete with three marine wood stringers. It comes with a leash, paddle and board bag making it nice as you don’t have to go out and buy all of these things separately. While you can’t install your own fins, it is nice that you don’t have to worry about the type of fin to get as a beginner. Select Costco locations have the Body Glove Performer 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board on sale for $339.99 … Absolutely! My first question in my mind was if they are any good? Body Glove Raptor Plus Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board. I like style. You won’t have to worry about anyone damaging it like an expensive fiberglass board and it is simple for anyone to learn on. Crafted to meet the needs of paddlers of all levels nice soft foam top, makes! With this board has a large bottom fin for increased speed, as … Costco Buy Learn! Number of paddleboards for sale though the Wavestorm SUP Product Page & Current